VintageFantasy Magazine Is a visual arts publication created by Artist Justin Stewart. He is best known for his twisted and satirical colleges and illustrations that challenge societal trends.

The basis of Justin’s work is to convert modern-day meme & internet culture as if it was done in the late 50s. While implicating dark humour and satire into his work, the overall aesthetic of his art remains whimsical and something, not of this world. 

Created in 2021, Justin created VintageFantasy Magazine that not only showcases the talent of emerging artists and creatives through social media promotion but also through the annual paperback magazine which includes media personalities such as Trixie Mattel & Elizabeth Gillies. 

Justin is constantly changing and evolving so what you see, may not be what you get later. To keep up with justin and VintageFantasy Magazine follow their social media on Instagram and twitter. 

Instagram: @vintagefantasymag 
Twitter: @vintagefantasy_